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Add theme "clearance"

# Fish Theme: clearance
A minimalist [fish shell]( theme for people who use git
![clearance theme](
## Like it?
Check out other versions of this theme for OSX Terminal or VIM!
# name: clearance
# ---------------
# Based on idan. Display the following bits on the left:
# - Virtualenv name (if applicable, see
# - Current directory name
# - Git branch and dirty state (if inside a git repo)
function _git_branch_name
echo (command git symbolic-ref HEAD ^/dev/null | sed -e 's|^refs/heads/||')
function _git_is_dirty
echo (command git status -s --ignore-submodules=dirty ^/dev/null)
function fish_prompt
set -l cyan (set_color cyan)
set -l yellow (set_color yellow)
set -l red (set_color red)
set -l blue (set_color blue)
set -l green (set_color green)
set -l normal (set_color normal)
set -l cwd $blue(pwd | sed "s:^$HOME:~:")
# Output the prompt, left to right
# Add a newline before new prompts
echo -e ''
# Display [venvname] if in a virtualenv
if set -q VIRTUAL_ENV
echo -n -s (set_color -b cyan black) '[' (basename "$VIRTUAL_ENV") ']' $normal ' '
# Print pwd or full path
echo -n -s $cwd $normal
# Show git branch and status
if [ (_git_branch_name) ]
set -l git_branch (_git_branch_name)
if [ (_git_is_dirty) ]
set git_info '(' $yellow $git_branch "±" $normal ')'
set git_info '(' $green $git_branch $normal ')'
echo -n -s ' · ' $git_info $normal
# Terminate with a nice prompt char
echo -e ''
echo -e -n -s '⟩ ' $normal
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